Friday, February 20, 2009


This week has been a rather difficult week. My Uncle Mike, my Dad's younger brother has been given a very short (1-2 weeks) amount of time left to live.
He has cancer that has been unresponsive to chemo and has spread rapidly over his body causing one of his lungs to collapse.
We all know God is the God of the impossible...but, I also know that God's plan generally doesn't make sense to us and our logical mindset.
We have to trust his plan and know that only He can determine when we will be born and when we will die.
I find myself feeling rather selfish. Thanking God that it wasn't my Dad.
My heart weeps with my aunt and cousins because even though I don't understand their loss, I do. I can't imagine my life without my Dad. He's such an awesome man of God, husband, father, and grandfather. He would do anything for any of us in a heartbeat, no questions asked. Only now that I have become a parent do I understand the sacrifices my parents made for us. I have no idea what his dreams and aspirations were when he was a kid, I don't know what he considers his biggest accomplishments or failures, what he wishes he could change about his life, or how he wants people to remember him when he's gone.
I have so much left to learn!
Thank You, God for giving me another day! I pray for many, many more!


Jaden Kai said...

It is so amazing how when the Lord is speaking to His people, He leads then (me) in the path of others who have something to share that gives me direction. I have been learning about my role as a father and how no matter what happens I still have that role. I have two daughters and I love them so much. I hope they will see me the way you see your father. You honor him with your love for him anf that honors Him. Ty

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Graceful Moments said...

So sorry about your Uncle Mike. Isn't it a shame that it is only later in life that we come to appreciate our parents and all they did for us as children. I mean, we love them, of course, but we don't usually understand the sacrifices they are making for us until many years later. It's a blessing when we realize it before it's too late to let them know!