Monday, December 8, 2008

Enter to win a custom piece of jewelry!

From now until Christmas enter to win a custom piece of jewelry by me, KLSreflections!
Just leave me a comment and tell me about your most embarrassing holiday moment!
The winner will be chosen and announced here on December 26th!
Good Luck!


Melissa Mae Johnson said... most embarrassing holiday moment. I don't get embarrassed easily, so that's a tough one! I'd have to say it would be when my family was having a christmas party with a bunch of my parents friends, and I had pajama pants on. My mom playfully tugged on them, not knowing how big they were on me, and ended up pulling them down to reveal my cute flintstone underwear! I was about 15.

NicoMc "the Illustrator" said...

When I was little, I sat on Santa's lap and the first thing he said was "Whoa, you're a BIG little girl aren't you.

I like your jewelry, very creative.

Janna said...

Mine was really recent. I was at the in-laws for Christmas Day and my niece's birthday also falls around Christmas. We'd brought her birthday gift along too. Well, I believe in re-gifting and so had "recycled" one of my daughter's birthday presents to my niece (don't worry...still new). I neglected to ask or tell my daughter about it who was probably four at the time. I just assumed my daughter would be none the wiser. Well, I was WRONG! I was very embarrassed when my niece opened the present and my daughter started to open her big mouth and whine, etc. You can imagine. I don't think anyone really caught on before I whisked her away to talk to her, but who knows. I was so embarrassed and need to be more careful with my regifting from now on!

glassidentities said...

I can not think of an embarrasing holiday moment.. I know I am terrified of regifting to someone who gave it to me in the first place so I dont do it... but it has never happened.. so far so good... 39 years

Jen said...

Oh this is an easy one and it's got two parts. Back when my husband and I were first dating, he took me to his Uncle's Christmas party. I was wearing a cute little green velvet party dress and was looking good (well is was 15 years ago). His parents had been there for awhile already, and were pretty buzzed. As soon as my hubby's father saw me in my green dress, he shouted out in his drunkenness "Now, That's what I call Christmas.". Very embarrassing. If that wasn't enough..later on he left me alone with his Mom (the second time I had ever met her) and she was pretty lit on her Kahlua and creams. She proceeded to describe to me, in great detail, the births of each of her children. This included how many stitches she needed to have (yes, down there) with each birth. So, double whammy that night.

Penny said...

So, who knew my embarrassing moments would come in handy for anything other giving my family a good laugh! I was named after both of my grandmothers and get referred to by my middle name (FRANCES) because I often follow in my flaky grandma's ways. During the summer I freeze blackberry pie filling in the shape of a pie tin so it is ready to pop into a fresh crust. Blackberry pie is a coveted thing around our families as the little pie berries are difficult to find and because it takes a ton them to make one pie. I made a BEAUTIFUL blackberry pie to have for Christmas dinner at my inlaws. Everyone ooohhhhhed and aahhhed with anticipation! I was so proud to be have impressed my husband's family. The pie proved a bit difficult to cut and my mother in law struggled to pull the first piece out. A clear, stringy substance clung to the piece of pie. I had left the plastic cling wrap on the berries! We had to throw my entire, lovely pie in the trash! It was heartbreaking AND embarrassing. I have to hear about it every Christmas and various other moments when my inlaws bring it up!

Amber said...

I had a quite embarrassing moment just last Christmas, when I had an awful cold the entire week leading up to Christmas. I was in bed the whole week, but on Christmas morning, I really wanted to get up and spend time with my family. I was so restless and needed human contact, so I got myself up out of bed, dressed, and ready for Christmas breakfast, which is always a big deal with my family.

My father had just received a new video camera for Christmas, so he was recording every moment of our family gathering for future viewing. As I came down the stairs, looking quite fresh for being so sickly (or so I thought), I put on a smile for the camera and sat down at the table next to my young 5-year old nephew. Everyone was looking at my with a surprised look on their face, and I thought it was because they were surprised to see me up and out of bed. After a moment of awkward silence, my little nephew finally burst out with "You have a piece of tofu stuck to your nose."

I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, and rushed to the mirror in the foyer to see what this "tofu" was. It was a dried and crusty piece of tissue, oh-so-elegantly affixed to my nose. I was mortified...and the worst part is that it was all captured on video and my father refuses to erase it! The whole family finds it hilarious and my nephew will never let me forget about the "tofu nose" incident!

Thank you for the giveaway - I love your jewelry and would be so thrilled if my embarrassing moment ended up being of some good use by helping me to win a piece of your amazing jewelry!


Nyny said...

My most embarassing Holiday moment was when I tried to make lasagna for the first time and serve it at my Boyfriend's family thanksgiving dinner. I prepared everything the night before and all I had to do was pop it in the oven at their house. The instructions seemed easy enough and I always baked well, so I didn't think anything would happen.

An hour into cooking time, there was smoke coming out of the oven and I was panicing like crazy. needless to say my lasagna was almost completely burnt (and I still don't know what I did wrong lol). His family looked at me like I would be a horrible wife and felt like I was going to die. I was so embarass to have a cooking disaster happen right infront of my future in-laws. However, luckily my boyfriend stood by me and said he'll eat the lasgana, which he did...though it was hard lol.

No one else ate it though and now everytime I make food for them or him, he says "Please don't make us your guinea pigs." lol arrgh...

Hope you enjoyed my embarassing moment ^_^ Happy Holidays!


natel said...
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natel said...

This year my little who talks funny cuse she cant hear very well was doing the embarrassing things to me. We had dinner with another military family for the holidays. The father in this family sneezed and my little girl yells "O NO YOU FART YOU FART" the dad turned red and everyone was rolling. I was so embarrassed. I think she ment well but came out the wrong way all the way around lol. Merry Christmas!